Conform with standards

Being the first and only service provider, Tesla Entertainment has carried out an accredited procedure to ensure the safety of its products. An independent third party inspection body, assessed by the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority, executed an accredited procedure in line with the European harmonized standards on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields and concluded that Tesla coils designed by Tesla Entertainment conform to the relevant Hungarian and European standards and laws in respect to the health limits.

Audience Safety

The first line of defense: Determine Safety Zone in line with regulation

The second line of defense: Construction of crowd control barriers

The third line of defense: Deployment of security personnel

The ultimate line of defense: Emergency Shutdown Protocol

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Performer Safety

The science behind Faraday Suits
A Faraday cage is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. When electrons meet a good conductor, like metal, they glide so easily over it that they hardly penetrate the surface. If that metal is a container, like a cage or a suit, the electricity never reaches the inside, keeping its contents from harmful shocks. A grounded metal enclosure designed to protect its contents from electric charges, and it appears in everything from microwaves to TV cables.

Designed for protection and comfort.
Cutting edge technology applied to the development of protective apparel. Our protective apparel, called Faraday Suits, allows performers to exist in hazardous environments. Faraday Suits, act as a flexible Faraday cage provides full protection against electricity. Faraday Suits are designed with stainless steel fibers to be lightweight enough to even perform a backflip.