Tesla Entertainment offers a unique infusion of breathtaking fire dancing & juggling, entertaining hip-hop, and astonishing acrobatic movements into a theme-based musical Tesla coil show. Experience an astonishing Tesla coil show through a new world of imagination, discovery, and possibility, where music is visual.


Play your music an unprecedented way. Our cutting-edge musical Tesla coils play your soundtrack through the flashes of the lights.


Tesla Entertainment energizes your product or services to boost brand awareness or attract new customers through innovative and unique promotions and content focus on high voltage services.

How It Works

The Tesla coil has two resonant circuits (primary and secondary circuits) inductively coupled and tuned to the same resonant frequency. The modern version, frequently called DRSSTC which stands for Dual-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil, drives these resonant circuits actively with transistors to make it capable to play music through electrical discharges.

How It Makes Music

A Tesla coil, best described as a form of plasma speaker, uses the expansion and contraction of air due to heating from plasma. Pressure waves at the audio frequency have been created through the bursts of sparks. By modulating the sparks’ output, musical tones are produced.

Conform with standards

Tesla Entertainment has carried out an accredited procedure to ensure the safety of its products.

Audience Safety

Professional expertise manages risks associated with high voltage entertainment. Our unique multi-stage safety processes allow the crowd to enjoy the breathtaking musical Tesla coil show in an absolutely safe environment.

Performer Safety

Cutting edge technology applied to the development of protective apparel. Our protective apparel, called Faraday Suits, allows performers to exist in hazardous environments.


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